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About the Liz Nordstrom Band

This is going to be short, sweet and the truth.

Liz had been doing some open mikes in the area and some friends had come out to hear her so one night we were out for dinner and…

Linda: (from “The Log Cabin”) Liz would you like to play here 7pm-10pm on April 24th

(Keep in mind it’s mid-February and Liz knows 10 songs)

Liz: Sure, would love to.
Linda: Excellent, you’re on the schedule

Later that night

Liz: Dad would you and Uncle Tom play with me at “The Log Cabin”?
Glenn: Sure
Tom: Sure

2-1/2 months of song cramming… The “Liz Nordstrom Band” is born







About Liz

Liz’s songwriting started when she was 13 and she has always written about real life stories. Nothing is better than hearing her say “You have a minute to listen to something?” because you know it is going to be good.

Whether she’s using her rich, commanding voice to sing one of her originals or putting a twist to a cover tune, you always know it is Liz singing from her heart.

When you combine listening to great artists like Wynonna, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Blackberry Smoke – with growing up in a musical household – singing, songwriting and guitars seem natural to Liz.

After writing a few tunes and learning a few covers Liz started performing at open mikes all over and they were tons of fun.  What a great way to see what people think of you and your songs.   It also got her some gigs as well.

Forming the “Liz Nordstrom Band” with her dad and uncle seemed like it was just meant to happen.  Having her father and Uncle (her best friends) standing on stage next to her – seems like a normal family gathering at our house.  When the three of them get together they always end up the in the band room, holding guitars and singing.  So why not play out and share the fun with everyone!

Thanks everyone for enjoying my music and coming to see our shows,   We look forward to performing future shows for you.


About Tom

Tom brings many years of stage, studio and songwriting experience to the LNB.  He’s shared the stage with such artists and Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Dave Mason, Christopher Cross, Poco, Leslie West, Molly Hatchet, the Gin Blossoms as well as bluegrass greats Ricky Skaggs and Peter Rowan to name but a few.

Over the years he has performed at legendary venues New York City’s Bitter End and Nashville’s Blue Bird Café and has headlined shows at The Morristown Community Theatre and hometown favorite The Newton Theatre.

His song Down This Road, co-written with LNB drummer Luke Liddy and featuring Rusty Young from Poco on dobro is currently available on iTunes.

“Playing with Liz feels like it was just meant to be.  She’s the real deal and I’m happy to be along for the ride.”


About Glenn

Glenn first started playing bass as a teenager.  In the traditional fashion of hearing a musician complain that there were too many guitar players and no bass players.  Glenn went and got his first bass and the rest is history.  He spent most of his years in bands that played in clubs in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania and even shared the stage with Southern Rockers “Molly Hatchett”.

After taking a 7 year musical hiatus to raise a family, build a business and climb some mountains, Glenn returned to the music business with a new mantra “Let’s have some fun”.  Some call it fate, but several years later Liz started playing guitar, writing songs and singing.  What singer/songwriter/guitar player doesn’t need a bass player?  Since then they have played in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Vermont and Rhode Island and have opened up for “The Gin Blossoms” with LNB.

Glenn and Liz are not only on the music journey together, but have also enjoyed many hiking and outdoor adventures together as well.  Both belong to “National Ski Patrol” and can frequently be found skiing mountains in PA, Vermont and New Hampshire.  They have also hiked many of the peaks in the White Mountains in NH and VT

“What a great time this is for us, playing music with my daughter – it doesn’t get any better than this!”


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